The Furtive Fifty

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I am so crap; it takes me weeks to get round to uploading anything, and often, by the time I do, I've forgotten exactly what's what...
I found this little gem lying in a drawer the other day, digitised and roughly edited it, then promptly forgot about it. Now I've had to listen to most of it again, to work out which way round it all goes, (not that that's a terribly odious task, but hell, I am supposed to be working) and somehow, I've found another completely unrelated session, recorded in the middle of it, that I don't even remember recording! If you see what I mean.... No? Ah well, I think I have it sorted now.
What it should be, is a session from Dave Clarke, which I think was recorded in Feb 04, and even though I think I've largely grown out of techno now, I still love this session; just pure, raw techno, the kind of stuff that still sounds good today, when most of the rest of it's ilk has gone the way of old cheese. I have a Dave Clarke recording from Glastonburger somewhere, that also sounds pretty damn fine - if I find it, I'll bung it your way.
There was some discussion on the Peel Yahoo list recently about the digitising og old vinyl, during which someone mentioned how utterly hit-and-miss some of yesteryear's music of the 'dance' genre is when you re-visit it today.
I guess a lot of us Peelers went through that crazy pill-poppin' club scene for a while, and thought at the time that the music was great and the scene would last forever, only to find a few years down the line, that the music was largely shite, and thank Christ it's all more or less over.
Sure, some of the 'IDM' stuff still sounds good - I'm still pretty partial to most of what came out of the Warp satble, for instance - and I can still get off on a good Drum n' Bass mix now and again. But either I'm getting too old to dance, or my missus is right, and you can't beat a good tune; a voice & a guitar, that kind of thing.

Anyway, back to the tape. There is a great footballing discussion at the beginning, betweeen Peel & Lamo, and, talking of good tunes, that wonderful Hitchers track about I guy trying to watch the football whilst his girlfriend is arguing at him. A bit lo in the fi stakes, I'm afraid, but life does indeed have surface noise, and even tape hiss sometimes...
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