The Furtive Fifty

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

FF 2000. Because you demanded it, a Festive Fifty in it's true, raw state, complete with our John, tape hiss and songs cut off in their prime - yes, dear listener, this one's off a cassette.
A truly classic Fifty though: plenty of Delgados, Hefner, PJ Harvey, etc. The Cuban Boys and Cow Cube - what fun! Funny just how many 'Golden Eras' of Peel there seem to have been when you look back on it though, isn't it ?
Btw, you might like to know that as well as being on the Beeb's own Peel pages, you can find also full FF playlists at ,and as they're presented in nice clean lists, all on a single page, they're easier to copy/paste from for compiling those all-important CD labels.

Anyway, here's the gear:

Part 1 (50-43)

Part 2 (42-31)

Part 3 (30-20)

Part 4 (19-10)

Part 5 (9-1)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Boy, that was a long holiday, wasn't it? Or perhaps I've just been too lazy/busy recently... Anyway, I'm going to try to upload various random Peel tapes on a more regular basis now, and having recently returned from a wonderful couple of week in France, I thought I'd start with this , which is a session from Stereolab from '97.
Sexy French accents with just the right blend of electronics and old skool guitars n' drums - what more could you ask for ? Works for me, that's for sure...

Track List (according to the BBC - I haven't checked it):
Flower Called Nowhere
The Light
Refractions In The Plastic Pulse
Miss Modular
Metromonic Underground
John Cage Bubblegum