Monday, January 08, 2007

FF '02.

No chatter this time, just the goods - because I'm busy preparing something for you which is a bit different and, IMHO, rather special. Watch this space...

OK, today's offering is the Festive 50 from 2002: FM > DAT > Peak > .Ogg @ 256k. No Peel, just music because (and we've been through this before) they we're edited to make CD's for the journey to/from work. I think I still have the original of this somewhere, and if that's the case, I'll post it sometime.

Yer 'tis:

I've just noticed that Track 10, disc 2, The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song, which is not to be missed in my opinion, appears to be missing so here it is.

Have fun.

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Blogger PeterG said...

Hi there

Just wanted to drop you a note and express my gratitude for the files available on your blog. As a fervent JP fan from the mid seventies through the early 80s, I lost touch years ago when I moved to the U.S. The FF00 and the FF02 give me a great insight into the Peel world at that time as well as the UK music scene - for me you have to imagine its as though all these records have just been released. Talk about sensory overload. Loving it..thanks again so much


1:01 am  
Blogger Lee Thacker said...

Hi there!
Great blog!
Thought you might be interested in the book I'm currently working on.

If you like it please add me to your blog list and spread the word!

5:33 pm  

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