Thursday, June 15, 2006

Of course Peely's wasn't the only show on Radio One to ever play good music - not quite, anyway; there was (and still is) One World, though like all good music shows on the Beeb, it's been pushed into ever later and more obscure time slots, presumably on the basis that only weirdos listen to this kind of stuff, and they probably don't sleep much anyway.
The upside of the Beeb's candle-burning is that you have to set up a recording in case your other half wont let you stay up half the night listening (they just don't get it, do they?), and with One World being a two hour show, the only way to guarantee you record the lot, is to use a two hour tape, which of course means DAT.
Sadly, on the occasion of this particular broadcast (05/04/02), which was a fantabulous set from Peter Holdsworth and Adrian Sherwood, of Pressure Sounds and On-U respectively, atmospheric conditions weren't perfect in my part of Wales (insert Welsh Weather Joke here), so there's a dose of FM noise on the recordings. At the risk of irking the purists however, I'm not totally opposed to a bit of noise, whether FM or surface, on reggae recordings - somehow it seems to work better than with other genres.
It was a great set anyway, and just right for this time of year - after all, we're nearing end of the second week of my Hawaiian shirt collection.
The first CD is the Pressure Sounds half - edited, as usual, into one seamless mix, but including the odd rather irritating station ident. It will be followed by the On-U set, which, well, more On-U than reggae, but still contains some fine material.

Track List - Pressure Sounds

Heptones - 'Revolution' (Pressure Sounds)
Donovan Carlos - 'Be Thankful' (Pressure Sounds)
Burning Spear - 'Travelling' (Pressure Sounds)
Big Youth - 'Cool Breeze' (Pressure Sounds)
Earth & Stone - 'That's The Way You Feel' (Pressure Sounds)
Little Roy - 'Christopher Columbus' (Pressure Sounds)
Ken Boothe - 'Who Gets Your Love' (Pressure Sounds)
Wayne Smith - 'Time Is Moved' (Pressure Sounds)
Half Pint - 'Mr Landlord' (Pressure Sounds)
Lloyd Hemmings - 'Rude Boy' (Pressure Sounds)
Burning Spear - 'Spear Burning' (Pressure Sounds)
Johnny Osbourne - 'Purify Your Heart' (Pressure Sounds)
Garnet Silk - 'Mystic Chant' (MPCD 001)
Junior Tucker - 'Praise His Name' (MPCD 001)
Far I - 'Psalms for I' (Pressure Sounds)

1 World Pressure Sounds CD

And Adrian Sherwood's half of the show :
(I have the tracklist somewhere, but I'm not sure that it corresponds exactly with what's on the disc...)

1 World On-U CD


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