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To Peel, or not to Peel ?
There's been a couple of comments about the lack of Peel on my Festive 50 CD's. I'm not sure what John would have made of the whole Cult of Peel thing - probably been rather embarrassed by it all, though I suspect that, ethics of music sharing aside, he'd at least be pleased to know that there were folks still discussing (and even listening to!) his kinda music.
I also have a feeling that his response to the 'wot - no Peel?' posts might have been a resounding chorus of 1/2 Man's "Hang the Purists", but as I confess to having been a big Home Truths fan too, it must have been about more than just the music...
Anyway, to reiterate my excuse, I originally edited the FF's to fit onto CD's so I could listen to them in the car on the way to & from work; having recently moved a bit closer to work, I only get time to listen to half a CD each way, so much as I love the banter, it had to go - and let's face it once you've heard John say "and at that all-important no. 23 slot..." half a dozen times, you can just about live without it.
But in the spirit of sharing and lilly-livered compromise, I will dig out the masters and make torrents of 'em, Peel and all, and post links here. However, as my CD's are already compiled complete with meta-tags & all that, you'll forgive me if I continue to post them as they are, I hope ?
So watch this space...

In the meantime, here's something Peel, but not Peel; the first of 3 CD's that I made from the tribute programs that appeared on Radio 1 shortly after we so tragically lost our John; the DJ's were just the usual Beeb underlings, so you wont mind me editing them out (howl in protest if you like - I actually can't remember who hosted the shows, so apologies if it was anyone worth remembering), but there's a good, if rather predictable selection of some of John's fave raves. CD's 2 & 3 to follow...

Peel Tribute CD1

Peel Tribute CD2

Peel Tribute CD3

A couple of peely highlights (from the poignant to the rediculous): last track on CD 2, John's last 'phone call back home, asking the home team to check out the Peruvian dance music scene for him, and on CD 3, track 15 is Peelie himself singing "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" ! Listen, and weep...


Blogger xoyoxxx said...

Sorry if my last comment seemed a bit terse. I guess you know where I stand on the Peel/no Peel question.To be honest, I'm more interested in the comments than the music - it is just a load of white blokes with guitars after all ;)

Oh, the tribute shows were presented by Steve Lamacq and Mary Anne Hobbs, I think. Highly disposable.

4:41 pm  
Blogger tom said...

Hmm... This is a difficult one. On the whole I'm not a fan of the cult of the author. But Peel is the thing that pulls it all together after all.

Put it this way -- because of Peel I got a handle on gabba, and the oddness that is/was People Like Us, and the sublime Cat Power, and an endless but bewildering range of weird electronica.

I wouldn't have tolerated The Fall for anyone else living or dead. I wouldn't have kept the radio on for the painful avant garde squawkings of Life Without Buildings, or the belching horror of death metal.

Other people, of course, would crawl over broken glass for The Fall, and love Japanese arty shouting. And that's fine, because Peel unites us.

Take Peel away, and we all pretty much go our own ways.

9:49 am  
Blogger JollyRogered said...

Fair comments all, except that bit about The Fall - now there's blasphemy ;-) Even the BBC realised that Home Truths was nothing without Peel, and to be frank I barely listen to Radio 1 any more.
Any way, I'll continue to upload the stuff that is already edited here, but also, as promissed, dig out the originals and make some torrents.
Enjoy your weekends...

2:30 pm  
Blogger domestic empire said...

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3:30 am  
Blogger domestic empire said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:30 am  
Blogger domestic empire said...

Third time lucky - I hate blogger, it tells you it's ok to use html tags in comments then removes them and attempts to create escape characters!!!!!!!!!!!

Where was I?

I think I agree with all the comments here (except the broken glass - but if it's broken paving slabs then I'm your man).

I felt a bit bad myself for my early criticism too. See my posting at jped. I think Tom puts it best though regarding the unifying nature of Peel. Well done to Rog for causing such a talking point so early on in the game. I never get anything like that over at mine. Perhaps I should start being more contrary and a little less accommodating. Not that a useless group of cunts like you would appreciate it!

3:42 am  
Blogger joe + coz said...

hey regarding the tributes, I don't suppose you've got the Andy Kershaw one? I think it was on Radio 3, and I only have the first half. That really is worth keeping the chat in, because Kershaw and Peel were old friends...

8:13 pm  

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