The Furtive Fifty

Thursday, August 10, 2006

What with family crises, illness and work, I've been a very busy bunny over the last few weeks, with little or no time for blogging; and as if that's not enough, I'm off on holiday next week, so I thought I'd best upload something quick...
...trouble is, I find myself with only two days to go, and not much that I can upload immediately.

As a stop-gap, I found a random Peel show on my hard-drive, or at least a bit of one; I recorded it on the occasion of my son's second birthday, and, joy-of-joys, Peely played a song for him. This is only half the tape, ie. one side of a C90, so I don't know if this is the half in which my secret identity is revealed - and I haven't got time to check it now - how exciting!

Needless to say, as an analy retentive Peel taper, I will have to find the second half (first half actually, as this is labeled 'side 2', so I'll assume it is) and upload it when I get back from mes vacances (catch the clue as to where I'm going?). The audiophiles might be disappointed, because it's very much an analogue affair, but at least the Peel purists will be happy, because it is entirely un-edited. Um, except that it starts half way through a Laura Cantrell song...sorry.

Anyway, I'm procrastinating; I have work to be completed before I go away, and I don't want to do it, so I'm wasting as much time as possible by typing to you, dear reader; ah fuckit, it's only 2.30 - I'm not going to get away with it, am I...?

Ok, it's here

A plus tard!

Stop press: recording the second (well, first) half, I realised that the reason I taped this one (apart from it being my son's birthday, of course) was that the lovely Cat Power was in session. A good reason not to miss this one, then.

Here's side 1

Btw, anyone catch that, "And today's only headline is..." on News 24 yesterday, referring to the alleged terrorist threat ? Sorry ? The only headline ? Israel vs. Lebanon, anyone ? Blimey, that worked, Tony; remember to tell your mate across the Atlantic...